Distiller's Exclusive Vodka

We wanted to partner with a local sustainable, organic farm in revisiting the seasonally produced chipotle infused vodka. With a fresh harvest of chipotles from Fire Tongue Farm, we created a new expression with not just heat, but the sweet and vegetal qualities associated with a good pepper. The result is an extraordinary vodka, a unique choice for either sipping or mixing.

Tasting Notes

Mushroom, wet forest floor on the nose, with hints of woodsmoke. Crisp spiciness on the tongue, subtly sweet finish.

about this vodka

The vodka has characteristics that are both vegetal and earthy, a complex profile that marries the verdant aromas of green chilies with the enigmatic qualities that the smoking process imbues.

Sourced FromSanta Cruz, CA

Fire Tongue Farms Farm of Origin
Levon Minassian & Ryan Silsbee Farmer
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