Eggnog White Russians

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Winter cocktails are my favorite. They’re so cozy and rich! The thought of a cold glass of milk punch or eggnog makes me want to gather all the ugly sweaters I can, make one giant super sweater and climb into it with all my friends while we watch cheesy holiday movies and get warm by the fire. Yes, I’m weird, but you have to admit that sounds pretty amazing.


I’ve never actually crafted my OWN winter cocktail though, so this year I wanted to try a twist on the White Russian. I love the “grown up chocolate milk” aspect of this drink, so I stuck with that and changed it up a little bit by using eggnog instead of cream. It’s such an easy alteration, but the results are SO good. Hangar 1 Vodka with its authentically fresh, clean flavor pulls the whole thing together and gives it a perfect kick.







“Eggnog” White Russians
Yields 1 cocktail


A tumbler filled halfway with ice cubes
1.5 oz. Hangar 1 Vodka
1 oz. coffee liqueur
Top off with eggnog and a sprinkle of brown sugar


Photos styled in collaboration with Ruthie Lindsey / Post sponsored by Hangar 1 Vodka / All opinions are my own!

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