Hangar 1’s Holiday Cocktail List

Hangar 1's Holiday Cocktail List

We’d like to spread the cheer this Holiday season by sharing some of our staff’s favorite cocktail recipes for Holiday parties. We hope you give them a try and enjoy with your loved ones. 

The Welcome Drink: Alameda 75

A beautifully bright drink that you can offer for your guests to sip while everyone arrives and catches up over appetizers. Citrus and honey combine for a relaxed but energetic flavor, and the vodka + sparkling wine base is light on the palate to save plenty of room for dinner.

The Main Event: Champagne Punch

This recipe is a family classic from our Hangar 1 Distillery Manager’s grandmother (thanks Emily!) It’s a smooth and boozy punch that goes well with a wide variety of foods, so you won’t have to worry about tricky individual pairings. And the beauty of punch is the simplicity of combining ingredients into a large bowl and allowing the guests to dig-in at their own leisure.

The Wind-Down Cocktail: Russian Doll

A rich drink that we lovingly describe as a vodka-based Manhattan. The cherry, vanilla, and espresso flavors pair perfectly with common dessert flavors like chocolate and fruit, and the vodka base keeps the cocktail light enough to be enjoyed by stuffed guests.

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