Smoke Point

Distiller's Exclusive Vodka

At Hangar 1, we take pride in making vodka with the very freshest local ingredients we can find. Smoke Point is a new innovation distilled from smoke-tinged grapes from the Napa Valley Glass Fire of 2020.

Tasting Notes

Bold palate with notes of fruit, licorice and allspice.

about this vodka

One year after the devastating Glass Fire in Northern California, Hangar 1 has partnered with Crimson Wine Group on this limited-edition bottling. Hangar 1 Smoke Point Vodka is the first vodka made from smoke-tinged grapes. It is an experiment in terroir and sustainability, made from smoke-tinged California Malbec and Merlot grapes distilled at the Hangar in Alameda, CA. This new innovation has an unexpected taste with subtle notes of fruit, licorice and allspice. All proceeds from Smoke Point are going to the California Fire Foundation.

Sourced FromNorthern California

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Smoke Point Martini

3 oz Hangar 1 Smoke Point Vodka Smoked olives for garnish


In a mixing glass filled half way with ice, pour vodka over and stir to chill. Strain though fine-meshed sieve into chilled martini glass, Nick-and-Nora or coupe. Garnish with smoked olive.

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