Visit the Distillery

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Vodka Distillery Tour: Business Class

Our Hangar 1 team leads you behind-the-scenes of our distilling process, focusing on how we make Hangar 1 Straight and fruit and botanical-infused vodka expressions. Along the tour path, your guide will provide six (6) Hangar 1 expressions, including our very special Distiller’s Exclusive line.

About Our Vodka

Our Straight and flavor-infused vodka expressions are made with grapes and grains harvested at the peak of ripeness, presenting a smooth, complex palate.

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Cheese + Vodka Pairings

Join us for an exclusive pairing flight: curated cheeses from a local Bay Area cheese specialist matched perfectly with very special Hangar 1 spirits, including small batch Distiller’s Exclusives. Reservation-only.

Vodka Tasting Flight

Enjoy six (6) of our flavored and straight vodka expressions while learning how to fully taste and appreciate the subtleties of vodka.

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