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Cheese & Vodka pairing class

A guided exploration through our curated menu of Hangar 1 vodkas that pair perfectly with local Bay Area cheeses. This class will also provide an introduction to some small batch Distillery Exclusive vodkas. 

“Pairing vodka and cheese may seem counterintuitive, but the truth is that this clean spirit appreciates nuanced cheeses that help bring out the subtleties of its flavor.”

– Culture Cheese Magazine

About Our Vodka

Our Straight and flavor-infused vodka expressions are made with grapes and grains harvested at the peak of ripeness, presenting a smooth, complex palate.

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Enjoy six (6) of our flavored and straight vodka expressions while learning how to fully taste and appreciate the subtleties of vodka.

Distillery Tours

Our Hangar 1 team member will lead you behind-the-scenes of our operations, and you will learn about the craft of making Hangar 1 spirits. Reservation-only.

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