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Mini Cocktails +
Smoke POint Martinis

Welcome to our delightful selection of miniature cocktails, where we use Hangar 1’s straight, infused, and limited edition vodkas to explore a wide breadth of cocktail recipes. 

You can select from our Mini Cocktail Flight and Smoke Point Martini.

Mini Cocktail Flights

Taste through three (3) adorably delicious miniature cocktails. New cocktails will be on-rotation from week-to-week, which include both classic and innovative cocktails such as the Salty Dog, Fennel Bloody Mary, California Cosmo, and Mumbai Mule with Cardamom Vodka.

*Due to the rotation schedule, the cocktails listed above are not guaranteed to be available.

Smoke Point Martini

Introducing, the first vodka distilled with smoke-tinged grapes from the 2020 Napa Valley Glass Fire, now in a martini. With subtle notes of fruit, licorice and allspice, this vodka achieves a complexity that shines in the spotlight that the martini demands.

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Cheese + Vodka Pairings

Join us for an exclusive pairing flight: curated cheeses from a local Bay Area cheese specialist matched perfectly with very special Hangar 1 spirits, including small batch Distiller’s Exclusives. Reservation-only.

Distillery Tours

Our Hangar 1 team member will lead you behind-the-scenes of our operations, and you will learn about the craft of making Hangar 1 spirits. Reservation-only.

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