Fog Point

Extraordinarily Crisp Vodka Made From California Fog

At Hangar 1, we take pride in making vodka with the very freshest local ingredients we can find. Fog Point is a remarkably complex and pure vodka with a uniquely fresh taste.

Tasting Notes

Elegant hints of pear, citrus, and honeysuckle.

About This Vodka

Fog Point is a true expression of California, distilled. It’s also an articulation of our commitment to preserving the fragile ecology of our home state. To create Fog Point, we installed our very own fog catchers to turn fog into fresh water. This water is then blended with vodka crafted solely from the distilled wine of California's Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier. This revolutionary experiment yields an extraordinarily crisp, pure, and gluten-free sipping vodka that represents a culmination of our passions for California ingredients and sustainability.

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Fog Point Plum Martini Recipe

by The Forest Feast 3 ounces Hangar 1 Fog Point Vodka Mini plums or cherries for garnish share this:
Hangar One Fog Point Vodka Martini

Fog Point Vodka Martini Recipe

by Todd Wagner/HonestlyYUM 2 1/2 oz Hangar 1 Fog Point Vodka 1/2 oz dry vermouth 3 drops saline solution (dissolve 1 part kosher salt into 4 parts water) Garnish with Meyer lemon twist share this:

Fog Point and Fennel Martini Recipe

by The Year in Food 3 ounces Hangar 1 Fog Point Vodka 1/2 ounce dry vermouth Fennel fronds Fennel pollen (optional) Ice share this:
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